Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Thailand Update

Highlights of Cathy's Thailand Trip

Watching the faces of the parents as the children sang during the closing program. I was on stage, so I had the perfect vantage point to see their expressions of pride and delight… and the sparkling array of camera flashes!

Leading about 160-180 children of missionaries in worship everyday. Several of these children gave their hearts to Christ during the week!

Using songs I’d written during the worship time. I wasn’t sure which songs would work best, so I brought a whole stack with me--songs we sing in church, traditional favorites like “Jesus Loves Me” and “The B-I-B-L-E”, VBS favorites, and some I’d written. I was so excited during a prep meeting when it was agreed that my songs conveyed the meaning of the lessons the best!

Hearing over and over “Thank-you for coming from the US to teach our children!! They look forward to this conference all year. It’s the only time they get to play with other American kids.”

Getting to know servants of the Lord from all over Asia, many of whom are making great sacrifices to spread God’s love.

Feeling like a celebrity walking through the hotel and Night Bazaar as children excitedly pointed at me and introduced me to their parents. Each child is so special!!

Leading our team of nine women in prayer and reflection as we went through this journey together.

Meeting “C”, a kindred spirit who came to the conference with her daughter. Neither have a personal relationship with Jesus, but they both heard the Gospel. I pray it won’t be much longer before they enter the Kingdom of Light.

”Talking” with Kaye, the hotel staff worker in charge of my classroom. After I found out he knew some English (he sang “Take Me Home, Country Roads” for me!), I asked him if he understood what we had been telling the children. He said, “Oh, yes! I love God and read my Bible!” I gave him the Jesus Film on DVD which he received with great joy.

Spending time with Mee at the night market (above). Another kindred spirit, Mee makes Christmas tree balls out of yarn and thread which are beautiful. She explained how she makes her ornaments and we talked together twice. I was surprised to find out that she can write English and even has email!

Getting to know Teerapol, a young man on his first business trip to the US, on the long flight from Bangkok to NYC. He had a book of English phrases for businessmen, so I asked if he needed help. We talked about the difference between Thai and US foods, customs, driving, etc. He wrote the names of each of our team members in Thai, and I gave him the Jesus Film on DVD. He graciously accepted it and mentioned that he has a Christian friend in Thailand.

Holding Owen (10 months) during the long flight to Thailand, so his mother could eat her meals. Although she didn’t want to know how to receive Christ, I prayed for Owen while I held him… that he would grow into a strong man of God and serve the Lord.

Riding an elephant! I went with our team just to be a good sport, but found that I loved it!!

Worshipping with Thai believers Sunday morning. We sang the English words to the tunes we recognized as they sang the Thai words. This is what I imagine heaven will be like! All languages being used to praise God!  And the pastor’s message on “Love is Patient” was perfect timing on the day before our 32-hour journey home. (Above, outside the church.)

Please pray for:
  • The Thai missionaries who attended the conference, the children who received Christ, “C” and her daughter, Teerapol, Kaye, Mee, the Thai believers, Owen and his mom, and our team.
  • That all of us would walk closer to Jesus today than we did yesterday.



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