Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer Project 2007 Update

Hi Everyone!!

We are on our way to Fort Collins for Campus Crusade for Christ’s National Staff Conference. (We’ll share more about that next month.) Until then, these are the faces (see attachment) and stories about what God did during our Summer Mission Project with students from all of the US. Here is the “Cliffs Notes” version—

    5 student bands!
    22,000 miles traveled!
    57 shows!
    5,815 people exposed to the gospel!
    1065 people lead in worship!
    248 people indicating decisions for Christ! (Including 9 people receiving Christ through our worship band! That’s a first!)

Isn’t God amazing!! We are so encouraged, honored, and very humbled that God would use us (meaning YOU, and Tom & me) to accomplish these and many other things for His Kingdom!! The night of the final banquet was filled with story after story of what God did and how He used each student. What is God doing in your life? Drop us an email—we’d love to hear your story!!

Stories from the FINAL BANQUET

Many of the students arrive with an attitude of “I’m here to show the world what I’ve got.” That was the case with a young man (let’s call him Steve) who was told he would lead Proof of Purchase, the praise and worship band. Soon it became obvious to the band director, however, that Steve was not the person to lead others into the throne room of the Lord, so the director took over the lead role. It was a very difficult situation. But the team directors persevered with him, encouraging and loving him even though his anger and attitude made it very difficult.

During the Final Banquet, he shared from stage how amazing the last few weeks had been. He confessed his bad attitude, told how God broke him, and how he doesn’t care anymore if he’s leading or singing in the background as long as God receives the glory! There wasn’t a dry eye in the room!!

During the Summer Project the students take classes, and I (Cathy) got to do a little teaching. Fun!! I worked with Impact the African American band. (They had their own letter, so their band photo isn’t in this one.) At the banquet, they told how disappointed they were when a concert was cancelled, and how it turned out to be a divine opportunity. Tom and I arranged for them to play at Hephzibah, our church’s home for kids who don’t have anywhere else to go. Most of them are African American, so it was an amazing ministry opportunity, both on and off stage, as band members took the time to get to know the kids and even “jammed” with them. That night, 18 young people gave their hearts to Jesus!

This is why we do what we do… every task, every minute, every day. Thanks for doing it with us!!

love and prayers--
Cathy and Tom


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