Thursday, August 28, 2008

August, 2008

Communicating God’s love through music and the performing arts.

Sometimes Ministry is Easy :-)
    “You kept us together, on-track, and focused on the Lord.”
    -Mark V., Ritmo D’s Director, in a note to Tom and Cathy

Sometimes ministry is hard work. And sometimes what God wants to do just flows out of us. This summer His love not only flowed out of us, blessing those around us, but flooded our hearts on the way out.

A summer of playing percussion in order to share the Gospel pretty much doesn’t get any better than that for Tomas. Add into the mix working with energetic students and work becomes fun!!

Working with young ladies who want to go deeper in the Lord energizes Cathy. In addition to that, having the privilege of leading the devotionals and teambuilding
exercises fills her soul!!

We started with rehearsals and training in Indiana— hours and hours of building into the students— then travelled through NY state, New Jersey, and Florida sharing the Gospel.

Here are some comments from audience members—

    “You all had a great spirit and joy of the Lord. I have decided to get out of my box [and accept what Jesus did for me on the cross]. May God bless you in abundance!”
    —Abigail, 22, Vineland, NJ

    “I truly felt you were sent here tonight to speak to me. God bless you all.”
    — Juan, 26, (who began a relationship with Jesus that night!!)

    “I could really connect with your stories. I am bless that you have came [sic] today and show me the reason why I should stay involved in Christ and not to run away, just to give it all to him.”
    —Karisma, 18, Brooklyn, NY

Highlights for us include—

  • Explaining God’s grace to a band member who didn’t want to accept it. Right after she prayed, thanking Him for his abundant and free gift of grace, she shared and sang from stage with new energy and life. Two people accepted Christ as their Savior at that concert!!
  • Discipling the young men and women on the team as we lived with them 24-7.. eating, rehearsing, setting up equipment, sleeping in a church sanctuary… Every day
    abounded with teachable moments!
  • Unofficially helping to lead the Ritmo D leadership. The three directors were tour “newbies” and were severely stretched. God used our experience to lend stability and maturity when personalities and expectations collided.
  • In almost every situation we were in, we watched God work through us, especially when we had no experience or skills to help the situations that came up.
  • Ritmo D was the first partnership between Keynote and Destino (the CCC ministry to Latinos/Hsipanics). Being part of this historic effort was amazing, and we look forward to seeing it grow.

We praise God for His glorious acts in the lives of the 42 new believers, fellow band
members, and our lives, too!!


Some Pictures from The Tour

Tomás in rehearsal - see, Dave and Nance: we DID use your hat!

Lucas, Christy, and Tomás

Thank God for rain -- and tents!

Andrea came from Argentina to be in Ritmo D. A new friend and beautiful sister in Christ!!

University of Florida, Gainesville

Vineland, NJ - small church, big hearts!

Orlando, FL

Summer Project Totals
  • 7 bands
  • 1 short film team
  • 23,407 miles travelled
  • 93 concert outreaches
  • 13,090 men, women, and children heard about Jesus Christ
  • and the angels rejoiced over 349 new believers in Jesus!

Please pray for:
  • Us, that we will keep Jesus as our first love
  • The 42 people who asked Jesus to be their Savior at Ritmo D’s concerts
  • The 302 new believers from other Keynote summer band ministries
  • Continued progress in recording Cathy’s music, and for our interactions with producers and musicians
  • Chris and Deanne to grow in the Lord as they prepare for marriage
  • Our 41 brothers in jail in a Muslim country because of their faith



Our mission statement

"Partnering with strategic ministries to communicate God’s love through music and the performing arts"
  • Authentic
  • Dynamic
  • Catalytic
  • Worldwide
  • Life Change

Everything we do, from organizing equipment to processing finances, to performing and sharing the Gospel on stage is put through the filter of our mission statement and values.

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