Tuesday, June 21, 2005

June, 2005

Keynote and the Former Soviet Union!

Remember Brother Andrew and others smuggling Bibles behind the Iron Curtain in the 60’s and 70’s? Soviet citizens and others communist countries were in spiritual lock-down, the vast majority without Bibles or anyone to tell them of God’s love for them. They were nameless and faceless prisoners out of our reach and behind enemy lines. And then the impossible happened! The West watched as the Berlin wall was torn down and the Soviet Union crumbled!!

Summertime at Keynote is all-hands-on-deck as dozens of college students invade our offices from all over the US to learn how to use music to reach the world for Christ. Last year, if you remember, we also had five men from Tajikistan, and this summer we have a team from Kazakhstan—both former Soviet strongholds. The Tajiks are still struggling for religious freedom under Muslim control, but God’s love is going out not only in their country, but in surrounding nations like Afghanistan, through their music ministry.

This week, we had the Kazaks in our home for some American food—homemade pizza!—and got to know their hearts which desire to share Christ and to have a positive influence in the music culture back home.

When we asked, “How is life different for you since the Soviet Union dissolved?” their answers were all the same: “I was able to hear about Jesus.” As they showed us photos on their laptop of conference rooms full of believers, heads bowed, hands raised praising God, we just kept shaking our heads in wonder. Something we thought we would never see—believers openly worshipping God in the former USSR! God truly is a Worker of the impossible!!

But with their new freedoms have come other forms of bondage—Muslims in leadership trying to impose Islam at every level of life, other cults, and even Western materialism all vie for Kazak souls. In this battle Keynote is coming alongside “Minority Report” (the name of their band) enabling them to be more effective on the front line of this spiritual assault into enemy territory. The Iron Curtain was removed, but the enemy’s bondage remains.

Thanks for helping us enable the Kazaks in a dark place to burn brightly! Your prayers and giving are affecting people we thought would never hear of Jesus!!

Howies Graduate Last Son

Chris graduated May 21, the first in his class! He will begin at Anderson University this August. Thanks for praying for him. The same day Cathy retired from home schooling! Pray for us as we seek God’s will in what is next for Cathy.

Five New Believers

On Wednesday nights during the school year, Cathy leads the children’s chapel ministry at church. On the last night there were many visitors in attendance, and she presented the Gospel. Five children accepted Christ! Four were visitors! Pray for these new little ones, Cathy, and others in the follow-up process.


Please pray for:
* Student summer outreach bands (that God will use them to proclaim the Gospel),
* Transition and ministry placement for Cathy as our home schooling years are over,
* the Kazaks as they go home,
* the 5 new believers,
* and our finances.