Friday, September 09, 2005

September, 2005

Urgent Need… Critical!!

Normally, this part of our prayer letter contains news about what God has been doing through us as we partner together to reach our world for Christ. We have had a busy and fruitful summer (see photos and stories on the back), but what we feel is crucial right now is asking you to pray for us.

We know many of you pray for us. We are SO GRATEFUL for your prayers! Thank-you, thank-you!! But listen to one of our partner’s own admission:

    I admit that I have not consistently been praying for you, though I will be praying more. A collection of health-related problems could just be a run of bad times (not fun, but OK), or it could be a physical reflection of spiritual conflict really not fun, and scary too). Either way, or whatever else it might be, I will be praying more for you.

There have been many issues in our lives that have multiplied and intensified since we have been in Indiana with Keynote. While God uses them to refine us and the enemy tries his best to “take us down” with them, we have been overwhelmed often. Knowing that prayer is our best defense, we implore you to consider if God may be asking you to take your prayer for us to another level.

Some ideas—
  • Commit to praying for us on the same day of the week for 10 minutes
  • Commit to praying for us, 10 minutes each day
  • Leave our prayer letter in the bathroom and pray…. :-)
  • Put “pray for the Howies” in your Palm Pilot or date book
  • Pray through a portion of scripture, claiming God’s promises for us
  • Be creative!

If this is something you want to take seriously, please let us know. Write, email, or call us (info below) with your commitment, and share your prayer concerns with us… we pray for you, and knowing what you are facing will help us better know how to pray.

Family News Briefs

Jon and Chris hit the ground running-- Our nest is empty! Both Jon (senior piano major at Indiana Wesleyan) and Chris (freshman at Anderson University majoring in Computer Science) are off at college. The house is very quiet. We are excited for them, looking forward to this stage of our lives, but we are a little lonely.

Tom hits the floor-– Carrying a gallon jug of water over to the dog’s dish, Tom passed out tensing all his muscles. Cathy couldn’t get him to respond, so she called 911. The paramedics and our family doctor didn’t find anything wrong. As soon as we can afford it, Tom will undergo some neurological tests to try to figure out what happened.

Financial Support hits bottom-– A number of factors make is necessary for us to raise more monthly financial support. We haven’t had a raise in 9 years, our benefits have increased from $400 to $1,200 a month, 2 kids in college, lots of medical bills…

Stories From The Road

We’ll have more band stories next time as the fall tours are just beginning, but here’s a gem from blue sky nine.
    Yesterday we were in Downtown Chicago, very close to the Sears Tower. This was the first time for a band to come and play in this college’s history. God was great to us, and this was the biggest event this school has ever had.

    It was a big event for the Kingdom of God as well. A young lady who had heard about the concert a day before decided to come. She was not invited by anyone, but God put it in her heart to come and hear Blue Sky Nine on floor 15 of the multi-purpose building.

    Before she left the social-hangout eat-free-pizza time Beth Ann, who is on the Crusade Chicago Metro Team, prayed with her to receive Christ. Praise God for the soul that has become a part of the Kingdom!!!

Please pray for:
  • our finances,
  • transition and ministry placement for Cathy as our home schooling years are over and she starts work in the Keynote office,
  • Jon and Chris as they begin college studies,
  • Tom’s health,
  • all the bands as they begin fall tours…