Tuesday, October 11, 2005

October, 2005

Higher Ground

Campus Crusade has produced a powerful evangelism tool for use during hurricane Katrina recovery efforts. Similar to the Fallen But Not Forgotten magazine of 9/11, Higher Ground offers comfort and a message of hope in Jesus. It is a resource you can use while you are serving the afflicted in praying, caring, and sharing ways.

You can preview the booklet and order copies of Higher Ground at http://www.kartinahigherground.com/.

blue sky nine

    Our concert at Nicolet Technical College in Wisconsin was meant to be pre-evangelistic, but Teresa ended up sharing the gospel anyway! It was funny because, after the show, she mentioned to us that in the middle of her sharing she realized she wasn't supposed to, but it was already too late to stop and just went ahead and finished her testimony to a good-sized crowd! Amazing how God works sometimes!

    One of the academic vice-presidents heard us off in the distance and really liked the fact that we were doing an outside show! They said that was HUGE in building credibility with both the student body and the campus faculty.

    Huge with the student body because it broke the misconceptions about Christianity being an uptight religion, and huge with the campus faculty because it was a positive event that they recognized and appreciated. I hope that will open doors of trust for more Crusade opportunities to share there. Please take a moment to pray for Nicolet Technical College and the spiritual condition of students there. Thank You!

                  -Chris, drummer, blue sky nine

Upcoming Events

Community Wesleyan Church Missions festival-- We will be returning to our good friends at CWC in Washington, Michigan, for their Missions Festival October 13–16! We look forward to catching up, sharing what God is doing in our lives through our ministry! And Keynote band Chasing Elvis will be performing! Don't miss it!

Sunny Place Family Festival-- We have been invited to be part of the First Annual Family Fair at Sunny Place Church of God in Addison, Illinois. The festivities will take place Saturday, October 29 at the church. It will be a fun afternoon, so come on out!

New Life Church-- The New Life Church of Yorkville, Illinois has asked us to be featured missionaries on Sunday, December 11. We will be presenting our ministry, sharing how the Lord works through our musical gifts to reach people with His glorious Gospel!

Late-Breaking News!

We're excited to announce the "completion" of a "pre-Demo" CD of Cathy's music. This six-song set, titled be the center (of it all) is a rough recording and mix of six of Cathy's newest songs. It will be available at the above events for $5!

Please pray for:
  • Our finances, and quick success as we seek new ministry partners...
  • Tom's friend Steve, who needs the Lord...
  • Cathy's finger stitches and her transition to full-time at Keynote...
  • Our walk with God, that He would be our sole sustainer and provider...