Tuesday, September 26, 2006

September, 2006

Infinit Impact Impacts Eternity

From an email sent to us by Infinit Impact, the African American summer student band:

    Our hearts were grieved when we saw teenagers (age 12-18) dressed in blue jumpsuits escorted into the gym of the juvenile detention home where we were set to perform. They came in with hard stone faces. We were worried they wouldn’t receive our Message. It was amazing to see the transformation as we went through our program. God softened their hearts! We saw kids crying and dancing with vibrant smiles. That night 35 of the 55 kids in the crowd gave their lives to Christ!! This experience has strengthened our hearts—we’ve learned to trust God even when it looks like people won’t be open to the Message.

We're Baaaaack!

God provided the financial needs we had, and we are out of the red! And just in time, too!! Our first day back in the office fulltime was spent moving into our new office building. (See related story on the back page.) Since the two of us make up one half of the operations department, our director and co-worker were very glad to see us!!

Summer Project ‘06

The students have gone home, but they left a mark on eternity-- five bands played 65 shows exposing more than 3750 people to the Good News of Jesus with 205 of those people asking Jesus into their hearts for the first time!! Thanks for praying and giving so these people had the opportunity to come into the kingdom!!

Band Update

Remember to pray for our regular bands which are out touring now. Piper Down (hard rock), blue sky nine (acoustic coffee house), Chasing Elvis (funky rock), David Pendleton (ven-triloquist), black soil project (rap), and The Boyds (family praise and worship) all have heavy fall tour schedules. We’ll share the results from their concerts as we receive them.

Stories from the Campus Crusade for Christ staff website---

    Keynote Moves into New Headquarters
    By Gabriel de Guia

    Keynote, the music division of Campus Crusade for Christ, dedicated its new headquarters on August 18, 2006.

    The new facility dramatically increases the office and rehearsal space from 7,000 square feet to 42,000 square feet.

    The previous office, a converted two-story home, lacked room to grow. The house brimmed with 45 cubicles, a classroom and a living room used for large group meetings. Keynote and its 100 staff members needed a larger place.

    "It's hard to cast vision and recruit [new staff] when people see our space and don't know where they'd fit," says Keynote Director Chris Zaugg.

    The new headquarters will provide multiple rehearsal rooms, enabling several bands to practice at the same time, something they didn't have before. It will also grant the ability to host concerts and fundraising events and much-needed office space.

    Aware of the building needs of the ministry, a long-time friend and financial donor to Keynote contacted Chris in December of 2005 with an idea. After initial discussions about a facility twice the size of their “home” office, the businessman got back to Chris a few weeks later. He presented plans for two buildings - an existing one and one to be built at his expense.

    Keynote plans to host a celebration event in their new facility as it commemorates 40 years of ministry this October.

    Striving to partner with as many Campus Crusade ministries as it can, Keynote adopted the slogan, "Imagine the possibilities."


    Keynote's Headquarters: Answering an 8-Year Prayer
    By Gabriel de Guia

    "I began praying that God would blow open the doors," says Carole Bongard, associate executive director for Keynote. In 1998, the 15-year-staff member and mother of two prayed for a place big enough for 200 staff members. Keynote needed a facility that could house all of its summer project students and help cast vision for prospective donors and future staff members.

    A year after she began praying, Carole says God gave her a vision which she put to paper. She produced a sketch of a dark, brick building with a pond, a flagpole, and an arching driveway. She also knew of a second building, but couldn't see it.

    Wanting to keep the vision private, she only told a few people about the picture. John Pescio, a fellow Keynote staff member, was one of them. He accompanied Carole on their first visit to the new site.

    "Carole, do you remember that conversation we had several years ago?" asked John as they approached. "This is what we talked about, right down to the flagpole and circular drive in the front."

    Tears filled Carole's eyes as they drew closer.

    "What I envisioned years prior was right in front of my face," says Carole. "I couldn't believe it."

A note from Cathy--

For the past nine years since we have been on staff with Keynote, I have done much of the correspondence with you, our ministry partners. I often wrote a note, typed up our prayer letter, or responded to emails in between teaching our sons (who were both home schooled, K-12) or working around the house. But as of the end of July, I am now full time in the Keynote office. The transition from homemaker to office worker is going to take me awhile. We intend to “get back up to speed” with our communications with you, our precious partners in ministry, as I gradually figure out how my new routine is going to work. Thanks for your understanding and patience!!


Do you live in Indy?? We’d love to give you a tour of our new “home” so you can see God’s provision. Get in touch with us and let’s get together! (Out-of-towners are also welcome  !!)

Please pray for:
  • Pray for the new believers from Keynote events.
  • Praise God for providing a facility which is above and beyond what we could have hoped.
  • Praise God for providing our support!



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