Wednesday, February 06, 2008

February, 2008


The day after Christmas, we left the Keynote parking lot at 10:00a.m., in a van filled with 7 people, pulling a trailer loaded with sound equipment and instruments headed for Chicago. There, 400 college students would be gathered to learn about, and go deeper into, a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Tom had worked for a couple of weeks learning music and making drum charts (which came in very handy during rehearsals) in order to be prepared to lead the students before God’s throne in worship.

Here is what some of the students had to say—

    “I realized that although I have known God through my whole life, I have always been missing personal faith.”
        — Jake

    “God truly broke me down this week. I put up walls, but He broke them down to bring me closer to Him.”

    “I just became a Christian in November, so most of this stuff was so new to me. I love it and am so glad I was able to come and learn so much!”
        — Lilly

Transformed lives!!

Job Transformation

DYNAMIC is one of Keynote’s core values. As our culture changes we flex in order to reach people where they are.

Within the ministry we also flex and adapt. Both of us are now in the newly formed Marketing Department.

Tom designs graphics and websites (critical to reaching the Internet generation!) and is a key team member in the new video strategy - one of his most recent projects was producing a recruiting video for the Impact Music Project.

Cathy helps prepare bands going overseas and continues to do administrative tasks for David Pendleton. She will also be working with past Keynote concert hosts to determine how we can be even more effective in sharing God’s message of transformational love with those who haven’t yet heard.

And we can only do this with your partnership!!

...the creative maladjustment of a transformed minority

-The kids ruled during this song at a house concert. They praised God with EVERY ounce of their being!!

Remember last summer when we wrote about two of Cathy’s songs being chosen to be included on a songwriter compilation CD to support a local ministry called Faith, Hope & Love? That was just the beginning of a long stream of new music relationships God has brought into our lives that have led to lots of performances and recording opportunities!

-Cathy singing at the Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop in Lafayette, Indiana (Tom plays percussion).

What a privilege to sing the songs God has given us and encourage others in their spiritual journey! We’re not sure what He’s up to exactly, we just keep doing the next thing that He puts before us and seek to be transformed by Him in the process.

More transformation

Eddie and Steve are independent recording engineers with their our studios. Both of them offered to help us record Cathy’s music at very reduced rates. The recording is going slowly. (We’ll let you know when we get songs done and posted on-line.) Right now, the main thing seems to be our relationship with these men, with a little recording thrown in.

We hope we’re blessing them as much as they bless us!

FOR SALE: Big Daddy Tours

While driving the bus all over the U.S. when we were in X-nelo (2001-2003), Tom enjoyed using the rotating destination window on the front of the bus. His favorite label was “Big Daddy Tours”. (A long time ago someone gave him the nickname “Big Daddy T”.) In the spirit of embracing change and being flexible, Keynote is selling both of our tour buses. Bands have been using the vans and trailers which are easier and cheaper for us to maintain. If you, or someone you know, is in the market for a bus (or two!) check out our buses and get a (rather large!) piece of Keynote history!!


    “This hour in history needs a dedicated circle of transformed nonconformists. The saving of our world from pending doom will come not from the actions of a conforming majority but from the creative maladjustment of a transformed minority.
        —Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Atlanta 1966

    (See Romans 12:1!!)

Please pray for:
  • blue sky nine on tour in Wisconsin.
  • Giants of Silence, as they begin outreach in Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Us, that we will glorify God in all we do.
  • Progress in recording Cathy’s music, and for our interactions with Eddie and Steve.
  • Tom’s mom, Bea, as she adjusts to life without her husband of 59 years.
  • Beccy, a stay-at-home mom who is in prison unjustly and not allowed to see her young children.
  • Our 41 brothers in jail because of their faith in a Muslim country.



Our mission statement

"Partnering with strategic ministries to communicate God’s love through music and the performing arts"
  • Authentic
  • Dynamic
  • Catalytic
  • Worldwide
  • Life Change

Everything we do, from organizing equipment to processing finances, to performing and sharing the Gospel on stage is put through the filter of our mission statement and values.

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